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This data is from an investigation with respect to a subject identified as MICHAEL ROYCE MONTRIEF, aka Michael Montrief, Jr. , date of birth 07/27/1979. Initial searches provide a history of addresses in California and Illinois.  It should be noted that the subject’s father is also known as Michael R. (Richard) Montrief, a 70 year old psychologist.  Databases appear to often combine some of their information; therefore part of the effort of this investigation requires separating one from the other.

The most current addresses found recorded to this subject are: 1752 W. Niobe Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92804 (current owners are on record as Johan Nguyen and Tritia Tak).  The property is described as a 1200 sq. ft. single family residence.  This subject may also utilize Post Office Box 7778, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624.  Databases show that the subject and his father are recorded as associated with Post Office Box 5340, Huntington Beach, CA 92615.

Research indicates that this subject owned (and possibly may presently own) various real property.  A parcel found currently associated with him is: 21370 Andalucia Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.  Databases records reflect that the subject initially purchased the property as “a single man” on 11/09/2004 for $1,585,500.  This databases show numerous transfers and notices of default.  The most current recording found associated with this property is a grant deed from grantor 21370 Andalucia LLC to Grantees Michael Montrief Trust and 21370 Andalucia Irrevocable Trust.  This subject may also have property in the state of Illinois.  Additional time and research would be required to sort out potential property assets.

The subject does not appear to be married currently.  Real property records identify him as “a single man.”  A divorce has not been located to date.  He is currently involved as a plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit filed against NANCY WEST (who previously filed harassment cases against him in 2013).  He does appear to be in a relationship.  On 12/02/2015 his personal Facebook page provides a post that says: “After working one-hundred twenty hour weeks for three months straight, it’s amazing that I have a girlfriend who relieves stress rather than creating it.  She loves my mind the way I love her heart and values. To say that experiencing pure love makes me more focused would be an understatement.”  This “girlfriend” is unidentified to date.  There are no photos of a woman posted.  The Facebook page does however show countless pictures of him with 4 very young blond children (including a set of twins).   He is also prolific at posting “philosophical” quotes.  His personal Facebook page may be viewed at the following link:

Michael Royce Montrief has a CA driver’s license under Michael Royce Montrief, license number B7569513.  He is described a 6’0”, 180 lbs., brown hair and hazel eyes.  His current record shows violations in 2014 for using a hand-held cellular phone and speeding.  Both citations were issued in Newport Beach while driving a vehicle bearing CA license plate number 7V56177.  Subsequent investigation revealed that this vehicle is on record as a 2005 Chevrolet. The current registered owner is provided as Jose Camacho and the legal owner is on record as Juliz Enterprises, 10730 Long Beach Boulevard, Lynwood, CA 90262.  Numerous older traffic infractions were also located for this subject.

Michael Royce Montrief was licensed as a real estate broker in the state of California on 02/14/2006 under license number 01727866.  This license was REVOKED on 01/11/2010.  According to the decision proposed on 11/19/2009 by the CA Dept of Real Estate, the revocation was based on the grounds of a conviction of a crime (grand theft; making false or fraudulent claims).   Documentation of this decision was forwarded as an email attachment to your office on 12/01/2015.

Mr. Montrief appears plagued by financial troubles as evidenced by the 2008 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, which was discharged (petition attached) and the 2013 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which was dismissed (petition attached).  Consumer public filings records also list numerous liens and judgments (list attached).


United States Federal Courts


Case Number: 05-CV-05978

Date Filed: 11/14/2005

Case Type: Contract

Plaintiff: Bruce Castor; Michael Clancy

Defendant: Michael Royce Montrief; US Corvettes

Disposition: Voluntary Dismissal

County: Montgomery, PA



Case Number: 09-CV-07920

Date Filed: 10/29/2009

Case Type: Trademark

Plaintiff: Michael Montrief

Defendant: Scania, Inc.

Disposition: Dismissed without Prejudice 01/20/2010

County: Orange County, CA


Superior Courts (Combined Upper and Lower Courts)

California-Orange County

Under the name “Michael Montrief” numerous cases were found and many likely pertain to this subject (although some could potentially involve his father-additional research required).  Many of these cases include traffic infractions and small claims cases but there are others that appear more significant.  I have attached a list of all the cases found that most likely pertain to this subject.   Some more potentially relevant cases found are as follows:

Case Number: 30-2015-00790810-CU-DF-CJC

Date Filed: 06/01/2015

Case Type: Defamation
Plaintiff: Michael Montrief

Defendant: Nancy West

Disposition: Pending

Case Number: 30-2014-00723148-CU-PT-CJC

Date Filed: 05/16/2014

Case Type: Petition for Name Change

Petitioner: Michael Royce Montrief

Petitioner: Bliss Munoz

Disposition: Petition for Name Change Granted 07/15/2014


Case Number: 30-2013-00677878-CU-HR-NJC

Date Filed: 09/26/2013

Case Type: Harassment
Plaintiff: Nancy Roberta West

Defendant: Michael Royce Montrief

Disposition: Temporary Restraining Order Granted 09/26/2013;

Case Dismissed without Prejudice-Lack of Prosecution


Case Number: 30-2013-00673185-CU-HR-NJC

Date Filed: 09/04/2013

Case Type: Harassment
Plaintiff: Nancy Roberta West

Defendant: Michael Royce Montrief

Disposition: Temporary Restraining Order Granted 09/04/2013;

Case Dismissed without Prejudice


Case Number: 07WF2554

Date Filed: 10/02/2005

Case Type: Criminal Felony (This case relates to decision by the CA Dept of Real Estate)

Defendant: Michael Royce Montrief

Count 1: 487 (a) PC – Grand Theft

Count 2: 487 (a) PC – Grand Theft

Count 3: 550 (a) PC – Making False or Fraudulent Claims

Count 4: 550 (a) PC – Making False or Fraudulent Claims

Count 5: 550 (a) PC – Making False or Fraudulent Claims

Count 6: 550 (a) PC – Making False or Fraudulent Claims

Count 7: 550 (a) PC – Making False or Fraudulent Claims

Disposition: All charges dismissed on 01/20/2012 pursuant to PC 1203.4 and/or 1204.4 (a)

(Fulfilled probation requirements)

Note: Copies of these cases or others of interest will be ordered per a request from your office.

IL-Winnebago County

A pending small claims case was found titled The Lamar Company, LLC v. Michael Montrief.  This case was initially filed on 02/26/2008 under case number 2008-SC-0000571.

A very recent speeding ticket was also found filed under The People of the State of Illinois v. Michael R. Montrief.  Payment for the ticket is due on 03/09/2016.

Note: No criminal records were found in the state of Illinois.


This subject’s LinkedIn profile provides that his most current business affiliations are RentalHomeIncome.com (3 months) and RefundRealEstate.com (2 years).  His profile also states that he attended Whittier Law School.

LinkedIn Profile:



“Could not connect to rentalhomeincome.com

Another LinkedIn Profile (generic-identifies him as a “real estate entrepreneur”)


In addition, the subject was found to be associated with the following (currently defunct) limited liability companies:

US Corvettes, LLC

Jurisdiction Nevada

Original File Date: 12/19/2005

Franchise Tax Board Forfeiture


Coastal Prominence LLC

Jurisdiction Nevada

Original File Date: 06/05/2006

Status Revoked

Research indicates that the subject is or was possibly associated with a venture in the state of Illinois called E Z LOCK UP, LLC, 1034 Elm Street, Rockford, IL 61102.  It is unclear at this point if this company is still active (not found in CA, IL or NV Secretary of State).  Additional time and research would be required to clarify this information.


In addition to the personal Facebook page previously provided, it appears that the subject is active on social media.

He has his own websites which may be viewed at:


michael montrief
Titled, “Charismatically Enthusiastic Web Entrepreneur” (and an avid real estate enthusiast).  The subject appears to pride himself on being somewhat of a business life coach (ironic).  Last posting November 2014.


This appears to be a business blog offering opinions and advice.  Last posting was in November 2014.


This site appears to be a tribute to his family history.


Twitter Account: Last update February 2014


Twitter Account: 2013


Vimeo (Famous Speeches he apparently enjoys)


Business Facebook: 2013


Quora Blog

Summary: This subject appears to have an inflated sense of self-importance.  Aside from what appear to be business failings and financial challenges, he appears to pride himself as being a business guru, inspirational business guide and real estate entrepreneur.  Many of his sites are chock-full of positive thinking affirmations, self help advice, and philosophical quotes.

This initial report should provide you with a good sketch of the subject.  Due to severe time constraints, this information is provided in piecemeal, rather than the usual cohesive reporting.  Attachments as previously described are provided as follows:

Michael Montrief – 2008 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Petition)

Michael Montrief – 2013 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Petition)

Michael Montrief  OC Court Cases (List of cases on database)

Michael Montrief  Consumer Public Filings (List of cases found on databases-appear to be him-some could be father)